We All Need A Resin To Live

  • Posted on May 4, 2020

The quarantine has driven us all indoors, and now more than ever I’m noticing those things I choose to surround myself with in my home. My furnishings and accessories have taken on new importance. As sources of enrichment, serenity and inspiration. You too are probably more aware of the choices you’ve made in your interior during this time of confinement.

I’ve been using this time of isolation to think outside of the box; where do I find beauty, what do I hold as valuable in my life and my home. In keeping with this out of the box thinking it might be time for surprising and unexpected textures and materials to refresh our home spaces and add whimsy and beauty to our domicile.  Make something beautiful out of something untraditional with furniture pieces and table top accessories that give your home a new touch and highlight artistry and uniqueness.

I love the way Naples designer Jeremy Jones combines natural materials with unexpected polyurethane to create organic furniture fusing the natural with the man made. Jones’ pieces add unique contemporary warmth to any interior. These martini tables are perfect for any living room or study.

I love brightening my living room by picking fresh flowers out of the garden and using the resin vases that mimic natural pottery under the hands of artist Tina Frey.  Her table top pieces- trays, platters, plates, bowls, cups – are crafted to carefully create the hand molded texture of ceramic while sprucing up your table. They are perfect for indoor-outdoor use! When I can finally have my friends and family over for a “we’re free” dinner party I’m sure to incorporate these pieces.

Until you can entertain, your home will boost your sprits with these unique artistic items to refresh any space. It is not ours to know the Resin why…only ours to add it to our collection.

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