Tell Me Why…

  • Posted on May 24, 2018

And so it begins….

You’ve bought all the design magazines and ripped out everything that caught your eye.  Started a Pinterest page, pinning like mad, filling it with every beautiful image found while spending countless hours trolling through the app.

Over the past few months you’ve visited every furniture showroom in the area and talked to all your friends about their homes and their styles.  The paint stores in town know you by name.

You know exactly what you want!   Why would you need to hire an interior designer?

Except this happens….

You know that paint color you put on your walls?  How could you know it would change completely under artificial light?   Hire that painter again to repaint it a new color.

The expensive new sofa has arrived, but it doesn’t fit through the door.  And the legs are all wrong – not at all what you ordered.  Time to fight with the furniture store about changing your order and hoping they get it right next time.

The plumber can’t get started because the new sink for the master bath is back ordered 6 months.  Explain to your guests that you’re all going to share the guest bathroom, then try to line up that plumber for when your sink does come in.

You hate working in your kitchen because although the cabinets are beautiful, the layout is completely wrong.   Every time you open the refrigerator door it bangs into the new marble counter top, which you could deal with if only the fabricator hadn’t put in a random seam and told you “everyone does it that way”.

Your contractor just had a project finish early and he can get started right away on your new family room!  Unfortunately, you’re out of town for the next two weeks and he can’t sit around waiting for you to get back so he’s taken on another project and your name goes back on the list.

At this point, you’ve run out of enthusiasm, ideas and patience and your home is starting to look exactly like your two friends who copied each other’s home décor.

And you are seriously over budget due to costly mistakes and delays.

Here’s how this could have ended differently….

An interior designer would handle all of the above because, seriously, that’s what they do.  They know how to work within a budget, hire the best tradespeople and are trained to anticipate any obstacles that may come up.

You know what you get when you hire an interior designer?

You get an advocate!   Someone who listens to what you want, finds what you need and opens up your mind to new ideas you’ve never thought possible.  You get access to their years of experience, endless creativity and industry resources.  Your interior designer has your back,my friend!

They’re professionally and personally invested in your project and spend loads of time thinking, searching, presenting and collaborating with you to make your design dreams come true.

…….Now tell me again why you don’t need to hire an interior designer?

Musings by lynn pitochelli


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