Seasons of the Soul, from JLD’s Point of View

  • Posted on April 15, 2019

It is an interesting phenomenon to live in Florida, as we don’t really have ‘seasons,’ per se.  Sure, we may have dry or wet; very hot or occasionally chilly, but that’s about it.

However, even though our fellow Floridians don’t really experience spring or fall, the perpetual heat constantly keeps our minds active, vibrant, and most importantly, creative.

We recently co-hosted an event with one of our beloved artists and friends, Mally Khorasantchi, who provided the inspiration for this blog.  One of her latest series, Seasons of the Soul, demonstrates exactly this – by way of paintings with messages such as “A Time to Love”, “A Time to Think,” and many more.

Excerpted from Mally’s newest book,

“[These works] offer a metaphor for the way in which we absorb and correlate the forms and colors that we encounter in the quotidian world around us…they have instructive things to say to us…[and demonstrate] the ways in which we perceive and relate to what is around us” Khorasantchi (2019) Roots (Smith, Edward Lucie, Ed.).

We are inspired by things that we see every day – rather, the experiences we are perceiving.  And these ‘experiences’ are different for everyone.

Emotions are profound at this point – and the right-brained synapses ignite! – particularly when we see something that truly speaks to us.

What speaks to you?  Is it a painting of an organic nature? Or a regal vase filled with delicately beautiful flowers?

Whatever the pleasure, our souls thrive on being immersed in creative forces.   And what a better place to be than bright and energetic Florida – as the powerful life forces and inspirational ‘seasons’ prove to be forever prevalent.

All in all, it’s fair to say we like it hot!

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