Lana’s View

  • Posted on April 26, 2018

Never one to miss an opportunity to meet someone new, I had the chance to meet Judy’s granddaughter, Lana, the other day.

She’s a charming, soft-spoken and an incredibly poised young lady who graciously interrupted her drawing (she’s very artistic) to speak with me.

Since she often spends time in the JLD design studio, I asked her to describe what she thought her grandmother, (whom she calls LuLu), does for a living.

“She goes into people’s houses and makes them comfortable.”   Well, that pretty much sums up exactly what Judy and her team do.  They create homes that people love to spend time in.

What do you think is her favorite part of her job?

“Lulu loves to sketch what she’ll do with the homes.”  If you’ve ever met Judy, she’s never not looking for a pen or pencil to sketch something.  We find them everywhere, like little gems.

I asked Lana if she’d ever thought that she would like to design someday.  It seems that she’s always thought about designing a tree house.  It would have pillows and blankets that would make it a cozy and comfortable place to read. Lots of warm yellow light.  Decorated in light blue.”  Seriously, I want a tree house now.

Everyone loves to have a special place that they retreat to and Lana is no exception.  Here’s what she has to say about her current TWO favorite places:

“My art center is a favorite. Everything is laid out in its own place so I can just go in and start creating.”

Her other special room is her bedroom and she loves her crystal collection:  amethyst, black tourmaline, and more.  “I love the formation of the crystals.”  Truth be told, I thought she’d say she liked the pretty colors – silly me.

She continues:  “I like a clean space – a place for everything.  And it has to be cozy and comfortable.”

Well, I think this young lady speaks for most people when she says she wants cozy and comfortable.  We all seek comfort in our homes.  When we open the door at the end of the day, who doesn’t love that welcoming feeling, a feeling that we belong in the space.

I couldn’t resist asking Judy how her granddaughter has inspired her.

“Having a grandchild has centered me.  It’s wonderful to experience that feeling of pure love I felt with my daughters.   I simply rejoice in the feeling again!”

Judy has enjoyed every age of Lana’s life – from precious baby to the accomplished young lady she’s become – yes, that’s her playing the piano.

“She’s renewed my motivation and is a major reason why I keep working and growing my business –  to be able to provide a good life for her and my daughters.”

Inspiration can come from anywhere.  It can come from books, coaches, meetings, and sometimes it’s right in front of you practicing on the piano….

Musings by lynn pitochelli

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