The Home

Creative Energy

Adding a jolt of color, pattern and design into a new build in Royal Harbor. We created a point of view that flows throughout the entire home with thoughtful furnishings and positive energy.

Gallery Glam

A coastal cottage is transformed into an art-studded space where friends can gather. We centered around the homeowner’s outstanding art collection, where we created a comfortable and livable space that became a conversation between art and design. The collection is both serious and playful, therefore the living spaces were designed to also play in both realms.

An Art Showcase

A project should start taking on a personality that at a certain point starts to lead me—it’s organic. I often say a home will tell you what it needs. That being said, there are times that I know immediately what needs to be done, especially when I have worked with the clients before as I had on this project.

A Bay Colony Dreamscape

Blending sleek and organic materials, the Naples villa renovation created a space that is as elegant as it is inviting. To layer in tons of texture to create warmth and better showcase the homeowner’s art collection each material, piece of furniture and decorative object was carefully selected, not only with a visual sense but also a tactile one.

Cool, Calm & Collected

An art collecting couple welcome color into their home. While the hues are dialed back to keep the tone of the home calm and neutral, color is popped into spaces in more subdued ways via pillows, lighting, a furniture piece or town, and various accessories.

Organic Harmony

A courtyard-style home offers a satisfying and serene connection to nature. There is a lovely glamour to the space; the rooms are simplistic, yet each fabric and material selection is luxurious and ignites a reaction.

Upper East Side, on the Gulf

A maze of small rooms were opened up in this gut and remodel to showcase a 190 degree view of the Gulf of Mexico. New floors, new walls, new everything. There is a classic feeling of being in a New York City apartment with the furnishings and art placed.

A Port Royal Estate

Classically designed home around impressive art collection. The grounds are reflected in the interiors with repeated patterns and colors of native flora.

Casa Cortina

A beautiful courtyard home that spoke to the homeowners style. A refined, yet casual, life is lived in these rooms. With the pool being the center of the home, each space reflects and speaks to the calming effect of water.

Tree Branch Escape

A home that organically came together. One item lead to the next, and to the next, until it all just magically was complete. There is peaceful serenity to the undertones of branches throughout the design.

A Sheep’s cottage

An intimate home full of collected treasures. During this total gut and remodel, every inch was calculated and used for maximum storage – design and style were paramount.

Venetian Classic

Highlighting a beautiful classic with a touch of real modern unexpected. Here, color shines against white marbles and plastered walls.

A cheerful abode

While reinventing a dated Mediterranean model, the space showed light, openness and modern elegance, proving that, in design, all things are possible.

Building on the Past

A regal Bay Colony home—designed around the homeowners’ vintage furniture—is one for the books. There is an elegance to this house—these spaces. You don’t go through a door, and you’re there. You go through an opening, a niche, a second smaller foyer. Some rooms have no doors, but there is still privacy. Houses an impressive Deco, mid-century furnishings.

A Room with a Window

A study was designed to be a room of its own with a window looking into it from the foyer inside. This feature really offered extra light and unexpected sense of whimsy.

Vieille Floride

A simple, yet powerful statement. In keeping with the homeowner’s love of classic and timeless design, the spaces were designed with the goal to create a modern home in Old Florida style. In doing so, we aimed to create indoor-outdoor living, beautiful landscaping and wonderful opportunities for entertaining privately. The outdoor areas were amped with pattern and texture. In the covered lanai, the boxwood wall is a balanced texture for the unexpected soft-white lattice that clad the entire space from floor to ceiling. We pushed our design sense a little bit out of our comfort zone but it really makes for a memorable space. Classical furnishings were updated with modern pattern upholstery. As serene as the home might be, it becomes the perfect setting for the many parties the homeowner’s host throughout the year.

Garden Home

Old Florida at its coziest. Classic furnishings are balanced with global accents and a pop of color.

A Collector’s Dream

A collector’s dream showcasing art and objects throughout this gulf-front condo.