Color My World

  • Posted on May 13, 2020

The world is saturated with color. From the brights of Caribbean architecture to the noir of an all-black outfit, color creates a mood. I’ve always been connected to color. I think it evokes emotions, memories and inspiration.  For me, white evokes purity, potential, and cleanness. Surrounding myself with white feels unadulterated and fresh; mixed with warm tones- camels and beiges and tans- white takes on soft depths and wraps me in a feeling of clarity.  Think of your Crayola 64 pack. Which crayons conjured the most emotional response?


The sun drenches rich blues and greens here in Florida. As light catches each palm frond or each cresting wave, colors change and transform showing new depth and nuance. Tonal changes in nature’s hues connect us to our natural world. The next time you observe the sunset, feel what the colors are saying to you. Reds, oranges, yellows, purples, pinks – they all cast day’s end in a spectrum of splendor. Do they call to mind inspiration, gratitude, wonder, humility?


Color moods are unique to each of us. When we choose certain hues we are embracing a sentiment deep within that is singularly ours.


Reach for the rainbow and tap into those tones that color your world.

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